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If your feline friend is truly the king or queen of the house, then the brand Furry tail must be on your radar. I mean just look at them cat beds! Look at them!

The first of its kind in Australia, the UK based brand makes the funniest cat beds and accessories that are stylish, minimalist, and ergonomic in design, but also fun enough that they look like a bespoke piece of furniture as opposed to a trash can to be found in your neatly organized apartment.

Among their range you will find a 360 degree rotation Boss cat bed, Anti-odor cat litter, a candle Filtered water fountain and Cat posts for cats which have a cool and contemporary vibe and are also fully functional for your furry friend.

Seriously, could you take a look at these Furrytail cat beds …

Furrytail Boss Cat Bed, Raised Cat Chair was $ 89, now $ 79 (save $ 10)

Let your cat feel like an absolute ballerina when lounging in this Boss Cat Bed. It is basically a cat sized day bed that has full 360 degree rotation and a dome design that creates a secure and comforting space for your cat to sleep.

Buy the Furrytail Boss Cat Bed, the raised cat chair was $ 89, now $ 79 (save $ 10) at Furrytail here.

Furrytail Little Snail Cat Bed was $ 59, now $ 39 (save $ 20)

Available in three colors (pink, gray and white), the Little Snail cat bed is made from a plush fabric that will provide comfort and ease for your pet so that they can easily relax inside the space. It has a curved, hooded shape that makes your cat feel secure, protected and comfortable. My only question now is: do they make these products for humans?

Buy the Furrytail Little Snail Cat Bed was $ 59, now $ 39 (save $ 20) at Furrytail here.

Space Capsule Cat Bed $ 69

This little space capsule is perfect for your futuristic feline boyfriend. Not only does it look great, but it’s also a fun place for your pets. It has a soft and smooth texture that will make your cat feel right at home. It’s also super portable and folds up so you can easily put them away when you need to clean your space.

Purchase the $ 69 Space Capsule Cat Bed from Furrytail here.

Furrytail Cat Time Cat Post was $ 189, now $ 179 (save $ 10)

Designed with different elevations, your pets will have fun walking up and down the different levels indulging in the different floors where they can sit and watch the view from the top of the house. It also comes with an area downstairs where they can take a nap and a cool hammock upstairs where they can relax and unwind in comfort.

Buying the Time Cat Furrytail Cat Scratch Post was $ 189, now $ 179 (save $ 10) at Furrytail here.

Furrytail Clear Filtered Cat Drinking Water Fountain 2L $ 79.90

Easy to use, this cat water cooler is all you need to make sure your cat has enough clean water to drink when they want it. It comes with a 24 hour purification system that filters out things like dirt and grime. The filter can also be easily cleaned for long term use.

Buy the Furrytail Clear Drinking Cat 2L Filtered Water Fountain $ 79.90 from Furrytail here.

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