The Bank of Italy point on loans and mortgages

Banks and currency: the TalyBank’s point on rates for loans and mortgages

The TalyBank has recently published the periodic report on bank balance sheets, interest rates and monetary policy, a picture of the situation that helps to take stock of credit to businesses and fmilies and assess the general trend in interest rates on loans and mortgages home.

Loans to the private sector

Loans to the private sector

According to data provided by the TalyBank, in March 2019 loans to the private sector, taking into account securitisations and loans sold and written off from the financial statements, recorded growth of 0.8% compared to the same period of 2018. I loans to households mark a + 2.5%. Interest rates on mortgages declined, amounting to 2.17% compared to 2.27% achieved in February, while for consumer credit the recorded value is 8.19%. The interest rates on new loans to non-financial companies amount to 1.42%.

Trying to calculate a quote for the installment of a home or fixed or variable rate mortgage, the advantage offered by the reference indexes is still appreciable today, still very favorable to those who subscribe to a loan. Even the bank spreads, which add up to the value of the chosen index, remain on average moderate, albeit with the already visible signs of a reversal of the trend, an increase that should not be particularly evident on the final installment at least for the whole of 2019 The concern that arose from the increase in the BTP-Bund spread and therefore the looming rush to takeover by the banks, which would also translate into a significant increase in the spread applied to new home loans, began to be felt. but at least for the moment with limited effects.

The latest intervention by the EureBank in terms of rates, which confirmed stability for the next six months, contributes to a substantial balance that for new borrowers still means good business opportunities by buying or renovating a home.