Payday loans: the average amount is growing

Payday loans: the average amount of requests is growing

Personal loans: the average amount of requests is growing

Increasingly high amounts for those who ask for a payday loan: the average figures requested by the Italians have in fact grown by 1.2% in six months and by 9% in one year, reaching 11 thousand and 200 euros, practically the same values ​​of a year and a half ago.

The analysis of the Medusa Observatory has also outlined the type profile of those seeking access to payday loans in Italy: it is generally a man (73% of the sample examined, against only 27% of women) of about 40 years that prefers to repay the loan in 60 installments, relying on a monthly salary of 1,570 euros. The payday loan is mainly used to buy a used car (21.9% of respondents answered this question), while the liquidity urgency (15.3%) and the home renovation (15%) follow. Financing applications to buy a new car (7.6%) or a used motorcycle (7.2%) are on the rise.

Loans between men and women

Loans between men and women

The survey then found substantial differences in behavior between men and women, both in terms of the amount requested and the salary with which to return it: we have already specified that women use loans to a lesser extent, but they also point to lower amounts (10 thousand and 600 euros against 11 thousand and 500 of men) to be repaid counting on an average salary of 1,350 euros (men earn more: 1,650 euros). In common there are only the search for liquidity and a used car.

As for geographical differences, the most significant amounts were requested in Valle d’Aosta (12 thousand and 800 euros), Sardinia (12 thousand) and Calabria (11 thousand and 600), while Molise is the only region to fall below the average of 10 thousand (9,800 euros). The duration of the loan varies between 55 months in Molise and 65 months in Valle d’Aosta, while the average salaries with which it is intended to repay the loan are almost similar throughout Italy.